How to apply for Terminal Leave

Date posted: May 7, 2012


Terminal leave refers to a money value of the total accumulated leave credits of an employee based on the highest salary rate received prior to or upon retirement date/voluntary separation


1.) Application for Leave;
2.) Original and updated Service Record indicating inclusive dates sick/vacation leave of absence without pay;
3.) Certification of Last Day of Actual Service;
4.) Clearance on Property Accountabilities;
5.) Certified photocopy of appointment;
6.) Certified photocopy of Latest Notice of Step Increment/Salary Adjustment;
7.) Statement of Assets and Liabilities and NEt Worth (SALN);
8.) Certified true copy of COntract of Employment for period of contractual services, if any;
9.) Records of non-permanent appointments, if any;
10.) Certification of Payment from any loan institutions; and,
11.) Special Power of Attorney authorizing the City Accountant to deduct unpaid loans.

Steps and Procedures

Step 1:
Employee fills-up application in a prescribed form with the above-mentioned requirements attached to teh voucher for payment of terminal leave;

Step 2:
Concerned Office indorses the same to the HRMO;

Step 3:
The HRMO prepares indorsement to be signed by the City Mayor or his duly authorized representative together with the other requirements for processing of voucher for payment of terminal leave.