We envision Davao City as the Premier Socio-economic and Tourism Center in Mindanao, East Asean Growth Area (EAGA) and the Asia-Pacific Region propelled by enlightened leaders and empowered citizenry and committed to sustainable growth and development under the guidance of Divine Providence.


Davao City aims to become a major growth pole in the international market by engaging the empowered and participative citizenry in resource based and market-driven economic activities within the context of balanced ecology, sustainable growth and equity-led development.

Davao City also aims to be the growth center in Mindanao. To attain this, it is going to engage the "players" in the local economy to engage in propulsive industries, in industries with export potentials and in light, medium and heavy industries such as in agri-based industries. Moreover, Davao City shall be developed as the service, financial, tourism destination, and education center in Mindanao.


Make Davao City and its people, free from cold, hunger and disease, unburdened by ignorance, secure in their persons and domicile, enjoying the blessing of growth and development without sacrificing the quality of the environment.

Strive to empower the Davao City residents by allowing their genuine participation in the formulation of decisions affecting them.

Recognize the right of the Muslim people and Tribal Filipinos to self-determination and to give due respect to their ancestral domain and their culture. In any and all circumstances, the city shall adopt a policy on addressing their welfare and well-being.

Ensure the full implementation of programs geared to uphold the survival, protection, development and participation rights of children especially those in extremely difficult circumstances.

Engender policy, strategies, programs and projects to be more responsive to specific gender needs.

In essence, all programs shall be deeply rooted to the conviction that people is the center of all development changes.

Infrastructure and Utilities

To provide Davao City with adequate, relevant and efficient infrastructure support facilities and utilities and urban basic services in order to attain the socio-economic upliftment to this citizenry within the framework of sustainable development.

The delivery of urban basic services is primarily the responsibility of the City Government. Basic services include the provision of water, electricity and sanitation facilities (drainage, sewerage, toilet, garbage collection and disposal).

Local Government Administration

We commit to transform Davao City's vision into reality by providing excellent and effective services anchored on the principle of "Leadership by example" and establish mechanisms that will ensure an efficient and effective governance.

Land Use

Our mission is to transform Davao City into a modern and well-planned investment center in Mindanao and the Asia-Pacific Region, propelled by socially enlightened leaders and empowered citizenry, spiritually committed to attain sustainable growth and optimum development within the context of balanced ecology.

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