WARNING: Jaywalkers, other traffic violators face fine starting this week

The City Transportation and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) announced that jaywalkers and other violators of the traffic law will be facing stricter penalties starting Sept. 11.

Previously, pedestrians who violated the Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance, which was enforced in December, were only made to undergo a seminar.

But with the approval of the City Traffic Citation Ticket (CTCT), jaywalkers will now be fined P100 or undergo a compulsory 4-hour community service.

Aside from pedestrians violating the Davao City Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance, drivers, business establishments and owners of illegally parked, unattended vehicles will also be charged, said CTTMO Chief Dionisio Abude.

Abude said under the agreement with the Land Transportation Office, drivers and car owners who will be issued the CTCT cannot renew their licenses if they failed to pay the corresponding fine.

Included in the citation ticket is obstruction of flow of traffic, which is also applicable to business establishments whose wares, products and structures cause traffic congestion.

“When LTO encode the ‘offender’s’ name, license number/Certificate of registration and plate number in their database, the driver won’t be able to renew his license wherever in the country unless he pays the fine,” Abude said.

For pedestrians, Abude said fines can either be instantly paid at the City Treasurer’s Office or within seven days upon receipt of the ticket.

In case a jaywalker cannot, in any way, pay the fine, or refuse to pay, he or she may opt to render a 4-hour community service under the supervision of the City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO).

Maria Luisa Bermudo, the CSSDO Chief, said community service may involve cleaning, tending gardens/parks and/or preparing meals in the City’s residential facilities.

The city government has at least six residential facilities looking after children, women, and the elderly.

“Their services would be of great help to residential centers and at the same time, the experience may teach them a thing or two,” Bermudo said.

PUJ drivers who will violate the designated loading/unloading areas will also be penalized.

The City Government of Davao will also file appropriate cases in court if violators fail, refuse to pay or contest the violations cited.

In preparation for the enforcement of the ticket issuance, about 450 traffic enforcers underwent extensive training on the procedure of dispensing the CTCT.

The following are the violations and the corresponding fines listed in the CTCT:

Reckless and dangerous driving, P1,500; no wearing of seatbelts, P300; speed limit violation, P500; no safety helmets, P500; no registration, P500; modification of mufflers on motorcycle, P500; no driver’s license, P500; excess passenger, P500; illegal parking, P500; failure to switch headlights, P1,000; obstruction, P500; truck ban violation, P1000; disregarding traffic signs, P500; no PUV driver’s ID, P1000; loading and unloading of passengers in undesignated areas, P1000 and driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, P5,000. CIO

Posted Sep 11, 2017 by City Information Office.