Child minding center gets new building

The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSSDO) said more children, starting February, would be accommodated at the new Child Minding Center inside the compound of the Davao City Recreation Center (DCRC) or commonly known as Almendras Gym.

The new 2-storey building could take in as many as 45 children aged zero to three, whose parents are working.

Bermudo said the center inside the Almendras Gym compound was the same facility previously located on Magallanes Street.

“The (new) child minding center will be a big help to working mothers, especially the less fortunate. Their children will be taken care of while they work for their families,” she said.

But mothers are still required to spend lunch time with their children or to visit them once in a while.

“We still require the mothers to visit their children — they will eat with them during lunch time, especially the lactating mothers, we don’t want to take away the mother and child bonding while the mother feeds her child,” she said.

The city has centers for children, with some established as early as 1998 under then mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

These centers were among the facilities that helped the city be recognized and bag child-friendly awards.CIO

Posted Jan 30, 2018 by Davao City Information Office.